Cyber R&D Expertise

Cyber R&D Expertise

We are a subject expert with over 25 years of experience in the automation and advanced cyber security with 15 years specifically in OT security.


Founded in 2020, we produce software and security solutions for network and information security (IT/OT).


To be a global brand in the field of Cyber Security with our solutions that create value


Developing unique, indigenous solutions that enrich and differentiate the Cyber Security ecosystem

Our Motivation

As SOBE Software, we make a difference in the industry with our commitment to security. Every day, we strive to protect our customers’ digital assets at the highest level by taking forward steps against the evolution and change of cyber threats.

competitive solution

Can be a supporter of digitalization, addressing customer needs correctly

creating value

Recognizing the customer ecosystem and market to be a constituent part

Company Posture

Company Posture


Reliability: We are committed to the safety of our customers by providing them with reliable and quality solutions.

Innovation: We focus on providing innovative solutions to ever-changing threats, using the latest technology.

Customer Orientation:We strive to understand our customers’ needs and provide customized solutions.

Teamwork: We are a team strengthened by the coming together of different talents. By working together, we achieve successful results.

Social Responsibility: We aim to contribute to society through our efforts to make technology safe.

Team Spirit

As SOBE Software family, we believe in the power of working together. By bringing together different skills and experiences, we create a strong team. In this way, we are moving forward together to become a pioneer in the field of cyber security.

Ahmet Kapusızoğlu
Co Founder
Murat Bülbül
Co Founder
Süleyman Bayram İnalkaç
Co Founder
Hasan Yıldırım
R&D Projects Management Specialist
Hüseyin Adaklı
Software Developer Expert
Ramazan Özçoban
Software Developer Expert

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