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Why Do We Need KAPI?

As a result of the rapid development and spread of technology, it is unthinkable for many people to live in a world where there is no internet. Since it is a basic need to have a HotSpot solution, it is possible to stand out from your competitors and attract new customers as a reason for preference and not to miss customers. After acquiring new customers, persuading customers to stay longer and come back by building loyalty is a great way to increase your sales with increased time spent. The login process, where the contact information is provided, generates data for the marketing campaigns to be made. Bandwidth is also adjustable. In addition to meeting the high-speed Internet access needs of your customers, it can also meet the wired or wireless connection needs of the institution and employees by creating an independent and protected private network. Access to the network (who can access it) is controlled for security. Data breaches are avoided by being supported by security systems. For these reasons, institutions need HotSpot solutions that allow them to provide broadband services.

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Added value

In addition to MAC and IP address-based authorization, high-level security of institutions is ensured with MAC + IP address-based authorization. It has data visualization and enrichment feature for easily detecting users entering the system and for security sensitivity. In addition, when logging into the network, the system ensures security with the citizenship number, SMS, and e-mail authentication feature, and, if desired, the reference confirmation feature provides network security. There is a separate login feature for foreigners and employees to make it easier for the employees of the institution to enter the systemThe duration, data download, and upload speed of the users entering the network can be determined. It provides role-based access.

In addition, considering users who do not know the local language, the browser language is automatically opened in English. It keeps access records and system backups including user information, MAC address and IP information in the database. It has a central management system.Thanks to these features, KAPI ensures the security of institutions.


KAPI is a new generation hotspot solution that can work integrated with NAC solutions and supports many authentication methods on it.